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CoilBoss FAQS

What is the CoilBoss Product Line Made Of?
All Products are manufactured using durable commercial-grade materials. The exterior is made of durable canvas and the interior-chamber system is made of a heavy gauge vinyl.

Where is the CoilBoss Product Line Made?
Our Products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. at Smor Cases in South Bend, IN.

Does the CoilBoss Product Line Come With a Guarantee?
We offer a 30-Day Limited Manufacturers Defect Guarantee.

Is the CoilBoss Product Line Disposable?
No, our products are designed to last. They can simply be blown out with compressed air to remove remaining dust and debris while outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. And, if needed, can be washed and allowed to drip dry.

What if there is dust or debris left in the CoilBoss after coil cleaning has been performed?
After removing the Vac Sac from the coil, cinch it closed and shake to allow it to channel any remaining dust or debris into the vacuum.

Do I need a special vacuum?
Only when using in a wet application it is necessary to use a wet/dry vacuum. Otherwise any vacuum can be used. We recommend the Cordless Lithium-Ion Wet/Dry Vacuum by Milwaukee.

What should I use to blow coils out?
We recommend high pressured nitrogen, or compressed air for blowing out coils.

Can I use the CoilBoss to clean greasy coils?
Yes, in conjunction with the use of a biodegradable cleaning solution such as Nu Calgon Green Clean First spay the coil and allow solution to penetrate grease. Then attach the CoilBoss to the coil. Next attach your vacuum hose, turn your vacuum on and blow all debris and solution into a wet/dry vacuum.

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