Coil Boss – Next Gen Evaporator Control

Coil Boss is a bolt-on upgrade to your existing refrigeration control system that unleashes the performance of your evaporators.

  • Reliable Dynamic Defrost– Eliminates unnecessary defrosts and turns off hot gas when the coil is clear
  • Fan Run Proof – Individual Motor monitoring that alerts when a fan stops working
  • Proper Liquid Flow – ensure that you are not starving your coil
  • Valves Working – sometimes valves stick, now you will know!
  • Vibration Monitoring – Detect when ice builds on fan props, motor bearings failing
Coil Boss

Why Coil Boss?

We started out wanting to deliver a defrost solution for industrial evaporators that is dynamic and reliable. We delivered that, and a whole lot more.

Here is what our customers have to say:

I thought we were doing a good job of defrost until we installed Coil Boss. In one penthouse we went from 42 defrost cycles per week to 10, and cut defrost cycle time in half.

-PSM Manager, Kansas

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